Dancing in the summer night shadow of war

The area became part of Copenhagen, at a built up neighborhood by the 1940'ies. During the hot summer of 1944, central Amager was one of the areas that rebelled, at was mostly cleared of occupying forces. There was shooting and revenge against supposed nazi sympathisers, food shortages and uncertainty. But in the summer evenings people defied the curfew and danced in the streets.

See if you can figure out the exact spot the photographer stood.

The People's Strike (Folkestriken) ended after a truce, Occupation normalcy was established until final liberation in May 1945.

On to the last stop of the tour

Go from here to the corner of Oliebladsgade and Reberbanegade, and look at the big square building.

Find the placard on the shed or enter byvandring.nu/reberbane