Rolighed - and rapid development around 1900.

The village of Sundby grew rapidly in the late 1800’ies, with people seeking employment in Copoenhagen or locally. Sundby was part of the parish of Tårnby, further south on Amager. Bu the urban problems and demands became too much for the good Parish Council, and they secured permission to part Sundby from the Parish in 1896.

From 1896 – 1902 Sundby was an independant municipality – quite poor, with continued population growth, and a demand for schools, health and social needs. That meant poorhouses under ”Fattigvæsenet”.

A lot of the streets here were built up right before the Sundby joined Copenhagen. Building regulation was less strict out here at the time.

The picture is not from this street, but the kind of setting that you can sometimes sense behind the surface.

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Go down the street and take a left at Lyongade, and up the old Danmarksgade back towards old Frankrigsgade. Then turn right.

For the next clue: enter the name of the café at the corner of Frankrigsgade and Ålandsgade (current street names).